Saying One Thing and Doing Another

>> Thursday, July 9, 2009

When your rival club goes out in the summer transfer window and begins spending money like English footballers buying Cristal at a club, it's only natural that you start making snide comments in the press.

Enter Barcelona president John Laporta who told Spanish state TV the following,

"We make Ballon d'Or winners and others have to buy them. It's fine by me that Real have bought Cristiano Ronaldo but at present Barcelona are the point of reference for everyone. Real have erupted aggressively into the transfer market and distorted reality. We could go into debt like Madrid but it isn't our way of operating. We already have a competitive team and all we want to do is to make some prudent investments."

Nothing wrong with that John, expect it seems you should keep an eye on "your other hand" as it seems to be busy trying to do exactly what you are criticizing Real Madrid, or really Florentino PĂ©rez, of.

Not that any of us should really be surprised by any of this considering the rivalry between the two clubs, but it's still fun to point out a little perceived hypocrisy when I find it.

Reports are out connecting Barcelona with a bid upwards of €40 million for Valencia striker David Villa. While there is nothing wrong with chasing Villa, he would be a tremendous addition for Barca which would allow them to finally cut ties with the oft-injured and oft-troubled Samuel Eto'o, it's just amusing considering Laporta's comments.

Galacticos 2.0 had been pursuing Villa in June but pulled off the chase saying the price was too high...that's rich coming from them at the moment. Villa has been linked with clubs in Spain and England and I think most fans have assumed his transfer is an inevitable occurrence. Yet nearly a year after his tremendous Euro 2008 performance, we are still waiting for a "big" club to swoop in and sign Villa away from Valencia, leaving a nice deposit is Los Che's bank account. If Barcelona can wrap up this transfer and find the fullback and center back that Pep Guardiola says he needs, all the money and the biggest fruitcake in the world might not make any difference.

As for John Laporta, nothing wrong with picking on your rival, just don't do it while you are on the verge of dropping a massive transfer fee.


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